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This is Be Known. 


We were made for relationship, but so often our relationships are broken. And when our relationships are broken, we are broken. One of our deepest human desires is to be known, but we often have lost ourselves along the way. This is a podcast to help you get your relationships back to a place of wholeness. A place of authentic connection, where you feel truly known. 

So come on in and sit a while. Let’s exchange fear for love and finally see what good relationships are made of. And let’s see what kind of healing happens here.

Here you will find the  transcripts for the episodes. 

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Also, let's celebrate over 13,000 downloads!
Cheers to healthy relationships!

Episode Transcripts 

98. Not All Connection is Created Equal 
97. A Gentle Reminder 
96. Reactive Boundaries vs. Proactive Boundaries 
95. Felt Safety vs. Actual Safety 
94. Retell the Story You've Told Yourself (About Yourself)
93. Grace is For the Things We Don't Know
92. What I Wished I'd Known About Friendship When I Was Younger 
91. God Hears (A Blessing)
90. Boundaries Can Heal the Nervous System
89. What to Do When Your Friend Gets Married with Mary B. Safrit 
88. Parent Yourself 
87. See the Inner Child
86. Find the Light (A Meditative Practice)
85. Practicing Empathy
84. On Celebrating Relationships and Dating Yourself 
83. How Your Story Affects Your Relationships 
82. Relational Wholeness
81. Endings and Beginnings 
80.Reflections on 2022
79. Respect the Autonomy of Others
78. Developing More Secure Attachments 
77. On Attachment Styles and the Journey to More Secure Attachments
76. How to Know When to Walk Away 
75. Be Intentional 
74. When You Expect Too Much of Yourself
73. How to Practice Genuine Apology
72. Make Space for Interruptions
71. Fighting the Lies Modesty Culture Taught Us 
70. Handling Unmet Needs with Grace
69. When the Truth Hurts 
68. When Our Anger at the World Consumes Us 
67. Five Practices for When Your Friends Leave with Mary B. Safrit 
66. How to Repair Your Damaged Relationship with Yourself 
65. When Someone's Boundaries Hurt Me
64. So, What About Emotional Boundaries?
63. Living with Someone Else's Consequences 
62. When It Feels Like God Isn't Listening 
61. A Prayer for Lent 
60. Grace vs. Enabling 
59. When Safe People Are No Longer Safe 
58. Everything is Redeemable 
57. How I Lost My Faith 
56. How to Speak the Truth in Love 
55. When You Love Someone Who is Grieving 
54. Pay Close Attention 
53. Take a Step
52. When Finding Gratitude Becomes Avoidance 
51. For When The Church Tells Us to Be Quiet
50. Reflecting on Turning 50
49. All You Need Is Love
48. Reach Out and Touch (on touch deprivation)
47. Show Grace to Those Who Aren't Well 
46. Have Good Boundaries with Your Time 
45. The Dangers of Oversharing
44. When You Can't Forget
43. Safe People 
42. The Need for Recognition
41. Know the One Who Made You
40. The Risks, Responsibilities, and Rewards of Vulnerabilit
39. Build Emotional Awareness
38. Three Things All Relationships Need 
37. When a Friend Holds a Grudge 
36. Respect Others' Boundaries 
35. Feel What You Feel
34. Tell Your Story 
33. 10 Things I've Learned in Ten Years of Marriage 
32. For When You Feel Doubt
31. When Your Words Don't Change Anything 
30. Take Care of Your Heart 
29. The Boundaries of Jesus
28. What is My Responsibility? 
27. Cultivate Authentic Community
26. When Your Don't Have Good Community 
25. You are Not Your Relationship Status 
24. Practice Active Listening 
23. Jessica Hottle // On Communication 
22. What Good Relationships are Made of 
21. Exchange Fear for Love 
20. Set Your Intentions 
19. Listen
18. Keep Those Boundaries During the Holidays 
17. Adjust Your Expectations 
16. Don't Forget About God
15. Don't Be Selfish with Self-care
14. When It's Time to Say Goodbye
13. Know Your Worth 
12. Be Slow to Speak
11. Embrace the Unseen
10. Listen to Your Emotions 
9. Be the Friend You Wish You Had
8.Tell God What You Love About Him
7. Forgive Yourself 
6. Be the House with a Picket Fence 
5. Be Honest with God
4. Tune Out the Lies
3. A Path to Authentic Connection
2. Be Known
1. Take Off the Mask
Trailer: Come On In! 
Music written and recorded by Robert Hargrove.
Thumbnail photo by Jen Menard Olano. 

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