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We were made for relationship. “No man is an island,” right? But often our relationships are broken. And that causes so much pain in our lives. I believe that we have relationships with many things, but our main connections are with people, with God, and even with ourselves. When these relationships are broken, we are broken. 

I am Kerrah, and I am glad you are here. If you struggle in these relationships, you are in the right place.


Maybe you have lost your voice along the way, and you are ready to find it. Maybe you don't love yourself, not really, and you want to. Maybe you are not sure where you end and another begins, and you don't want to hold what is not yours anymore. Maybe you long for connection, but your connections aren't giving you life.


Wherever the broken pieces fall for you, you belong here.


As a counselor, writer, podcaster, and boundaries coach, I help women exchange fear for love and finally see what good relationships are made of. 

Relationships don't always come easy to me, and I have seen how they don't come easy for you either. So I will share with you what I have learned along the way: how to love yourself, how to love God, and how to love people in beautiful, authentic ways. 

I’ll get real with you, and I hope you will feel empowered to get real, too, so that you can cultivate that kind of authentic living, the kind that breeds life-giving relationships. 


And let’s see how that impacts the world. 


a relationship manifesto

1. We can’t be whole if we are not first aware. 

       And our relationships can’t be either.


Read more about awareness here. 


2. We need to show ourselves grace. 

       And we need to show it to others, too.


 Read more about acceptance here. 

3. There is power in making ourselves known. 

       But no one will know if we never show them.  


Read more about acknowledgment here. 


4. It’s OK to admit when we are not healthy, or even right. 

       And it’s necessary.


Read more about admitting here. 


5. Show gratitude and admiration. 

        Because it’s not all about us. 

I created a free download for you with more details of all five!

Read it here! 

about my work

So I started at Louisiana State University as a Biology major. Yes, I am serious. And no, I have no idea what I was thinking. Half-way through college, I felt God stirring in my heart, leading me in a different direction. It was then I felt a clear call to write words for you. I also began feeling this pull toward counseling work in college. Random people would say things to me like, “Have you thought about becoming a counselor? You would be good at that.”


I graduated from LSU, moved to New Orleans, got married, and got my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary three years later. (Phew, that was a mouthful). I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I work with some dear friends at Full Life Christian Counseling. If you are local to the area and in need of counseling services, check us out by clicking the button below. We would love to walk with you on your healing journey. 



One of my most favorite things I get to do on a weekly basis is host Be Known, the podcast. In this space, we are working to get your relationships back to a place of authentic connection, where you feel truly known. There are practical tips and true stories in this space, so I hope you'll listen in! 


I am also a certified life coach, and I work with women in broken relationships to help them grow in self-confidence, set healthier boundaries, and live a whole life. Find out more at the button below! 

about my life

When I am not doing the work things, I hang out with the people I love most, my family and friends. 

In the past decade, my husband and I have birthed three sassy little girls who believe that they run the roost (and I’m not sure they don’t). We also said goodbye to three babies too early through miscarriage, and that pain has given me the chance to lead others through their own pregnancy loss. And that has been beautiful for me. My oldest will still correct me when I say that I have three kids. She says, in her bossy way, “No Mom. We have six.” And I love that, too. 

Before marriage and graduate school and babies, I could be found on mission trips on the Amazon River in Brazil, in the charming streets of Italy, or with orphans in Mexico. Traveling and adventure and being in beautiful pockets of the world with people who are different than me have always filled my soul to the brim. 

This season of life not as exotic. It is counseling hurting people, writing, cleaning sticky fingers, learning how to live wholly and have whole relationships, cuddling sick girls, and squeezing in time for me here and there.  But I am thankful for this one life, and seasons come and go. I am learning to see that this is an adventure, too. And I choose to love the season I am in today, even if there are times when I wish I could hide in my closet and eat chocolate. 



Below are some ways that you can hang with me a bit longer! So come on in and sit a while. Let’s get real and see what kind of healing happens here. 

Where else to find Kerrah

Podcast Interviews and Guest Sermons

Confessions of a Crappy Christian Podcast with Blake Guichet (on authenticity) 

What's God's Truth Podcast with Jessica Hottle (on the lie "I don't matter") 

Take These Ashes  with Heather Lobe Johnson (on boundaries) 

Not My Story with Sarah E. Westfall (on adult friendships)

Take Heart with Sara Clime, Amy Brown, and Carrie Holt (on intimacy

Sermon on Colossians 3 with Antioch Church New Orleans 

Guest Posts and articles 

How a Miscarriage Forced Me to be Brutally Honest with God // Faith Storytellers 

The Power of Vulnerability with God // Believe Winter 2020 Issue of Joyful Life Magazine

Vintage Church New Orleans Blog 

Full Life Christian Counseling Blog 

Be Known- monthly column in The Lafourche Gazette 


When I started working with Kerrah a couple of years ago, I was in a really dark place. I was so lost in shame and anxiety; I didn't know who I was. But I knew it was time for a change. 

Kerrah started by gently helping me dig into the root of my problems in a safe and healthy way. She showed me how to take care of myself-mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It has been a journey for sure, but I am so happy to say that I'm truly starting to love myself the way God loves me. 

We are forever changed, forever grateful for having met certain people in our lives and for the growth they have helped us to get to. Kerrah is one of those people in my life. 

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