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You can find tens of thousands of music loops. This is the free one for life. And it’s awesome. Final Step There is no step 4. It was a bit frustrating that I had to scroll through such an enormous list to find the thing I was looking for. But it did give a good sample. There are also some free loop websites I used for finding music and sound for this post. So there you have it, the ultimate list of free resources for music and sound design. And now go out and make something awesome with it! Did this list help you? If so, please give it a thumbs up. This post was edited on 24/10/2019Q: Best way to make string non-null in Swift 3 What is the best way in Swift 3 to make a string non-null without forcing the user to pass a default value? I have a settings.plist that has a dictionary of settings. Here's an example: Dictionary in settings.plist Name: "FirstName" Value: "FirstName" Example of user programmatically setting default value let firstName: String? = firstNameController.firstNameInputText.text let lastName: String? = firstNameController.lastNameInputText.text What is the best practice for when the user doesn't want to enter a value? In other words, what is the best way to keep it nullable, while also having a default value? A: Declaring means "this property will be optional and the value will be optional" and "when there is no value, it will be nil" if there's a value available, firstName will be non-nil, otherwise it's nil overriding firstName = firstNameController.firstNameInputText.text will ensure it's never nil. Swift offers the 'default' syntax to do this firstName = firstNameController.firstNameInputText.text?? "" or, to be even more explicit firstName = firstNameController.firstNameInputText.text?? "defaultValue" S u p o e 3 *




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Bridge Builder 2 Pontifex Full Version Zip.rar 1 birgyary

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